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Determining the Longitude of Data

What do you think of when you hear the word longitude? Your 4th grade history class? The term opposite of latitude? We can’t blame you. […]

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Clearing the Path for Medical Device Innovation

Did you know that it is estimated that health-related apps will be downloaded 1.7 billion (yes, with “b”) times by the end of this year? This includes […]

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Big Data: Powering Longer, Better Lives

Here at CNSI, we see day-in and day-out how innovation in healthcare can improve the lives of millions of Americans. That’s why it came as […]

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Big Data. SaaS. Innovation. A Few of Our Favorite Buzzwords.

The term Big Data has been a buzz word in the health IT world for a few years, along with Cloud Computing, Interoperability, and IoT. […]

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ONC: Interoperability in Action

It should come as no surprise that the future of electronic health records rests on interoperability. Everyone can agree that in order to improve health […]

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Telemedicine: The Future of Rural Healthcare

If you live in an urban area, you probably never had an issue accessing health care. Your doctor is likely located less than a half […]

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Turkey with a Side of Health IT

Happy Thanksgiving followers! At CNSI, our passion for health care means we’ll still be thinking about it when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. Not […]

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Wanted: Health Care Security Pros

Technology is changing our world at an extraordinary rate. In no place is that more evident than in the health care sphere. From wearable technology […]

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Home Health Tech Hits its Stride

We’ve long had the capabilities – through smartphones and other devices – to monitor health at home. For one reason or another, however, that hasn’t […]

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The Health Tech Productivity Paradox

At CNSI, we are incredibly proud of the products and solutions we create to solve some of the nation’s most difficult health technology issues. Which […]

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