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Aligning Technology With Business Solutions


CNSI’s enterprise solutions and customizable IT products drive real technological and business transformation for a number of diverse markets. Our commitment to public service and to our client’s success spans two decades. The markets we serve include:

  • Health

    CNSI is an industry leader in developing, implementing and operating cutting-edge technological solutions that modernize health care administration systems.

    CNSI was the first company to implement a Web-centric Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) and today we continue to lead the way in addressing the many challenges that exist in the health care landscape by being the first in the nation to embark on developing a completely automated real-time and cloud enabled MMIS.

    At CNSI we continue to revolutionize the way we manage health care through technological innovations which include mobile applications that provide easy access to health benefits, cloud based systems that provide for more efficient processing of medical claims, and cutting edge technology that can eradicate improper billing and waste leading to better care, better health and lower costs.

    State Medicaid  Federal Health  Commercial Health

  • Civil Government

    CNSI has supported over 80 percent of the cabinet-level departments of the federal government. From our first contract with the National Security Agency in 1996 to our most recent work with the U.S. Census Bureau at the Commerce Department and the U.S. State Department, Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services. 

    Our collaborative delivery model enables us to drive solutions that help our clients achieve their mission and create real and sustainable business outcomes. The capabilities we employ range from envisioning and innovating, to agile and process-oriented systems implementation, and operational support.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture - Food and Nutrition Services Amtrak U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development U.S. Census Bureau State of Maryland - State Highway Administration U.S. Department of Labor Federal Aviation Administration National Nuclear Security Administration

  • National Security & Defense

    National Security

    Developing and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure, system engineering and beyond, CNSI’s IT/telecommunications solutions support the federal agencies whose mission is defending and securing our national security interests.
    Over the past 20 years, CNSI has supported multiple federal departments, representing various agencies within the U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense, State and Homeland Security in the area of telecommunications.
    CNSI offers vetted solutions and proven expertise to improve the reliability of our national security agencies and Armed Forces’ mission-critical intelligence networks and security systems. Our work enables clients to leverage enhanced telecommunication infrastructure and advanced technical security systems to expedite critical decision making demands. CNSI’s National Security Program Division is comprised of complex level engineering, detailed system architecture & design and automated integrated logistical expertise.  CNSI leads the industry as an accredited turn-key system integrator and service provider, in the fields of Physical Security, Telecommunications, Networks, Data Centers and Facility Maintenance industry initiatives.
    Expertise in Telecommunications U.S. Navy U.S. Coast Guard - Boating Accident Report Database U.S. Department of State U.S. Department of Energy - Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • ID/IQ Contracts Government Wide Acquisition Contracts CONTACT

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    Contract Vehicles

    Government agencies are under increasing pressure to deliver a higher level of services and information to the public. As a result, agency decision makers must carefully evaluate the return on investment for their technology dollar.

    CNSI helps government agencies align IT with their business objectives and missions. Whether we’re supporting national defense or civilian agency endeavors, the CNSI Contract Management team follows a consistent, established formula: providing an integrated partnership that produces reliable delivery and measurable results. We will help you complete procurements in an efficient, timely and cost-effective way or leverage pre-existing contract relationships.

    CNSI offers an extensive portfolio of contract vehicles, including government-wide acquisition (GWAC) contracts, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts and state contracts. For more information, explore our contract vehicles portfolio or contact our Contracting Office directly. We will help you pick the right vehicle to satisfy your requirements.


CNSI offers a comprehensive suite of Health IT solutions to help payers build a robust health care IT infrastructure. These solutions eliminate duplicate and administrative inefficiencies, promote collaboration with key stakeholders and ensure mechanisms of enhanced transparency. They include:

Claims Payment & Processing Management

Enhance visibility, ensure transparency and implement flexible benefit plans that evolve with your services. Our eCAMS Benefit System provides a robust and comprehensive framework for the design and implementation of benefit plans for your members.


Medical Billing & Recovery

Leveraging advanced algorithms and trusted industry data sources, CNSI provides a comprehensive process of identifying, validating and verifying the coordination of benefit opportunities. By identifying overlaps in coverage, CNSI’s solutions help recover claims dollars, auto-redirect bills to responsible parties and limit future payments.
Our services and solutions provide tools to intelligently link client records with other sources, integrating address and third-party benefit verification with the focus on improving data quality and consistency. 
Implementing best-practices for business process steps enables the CNSI services team to identify coverage before claims are submitted or paid. This comprehensive approach helps payers improve their overall recoupment/recovery dollars in the most cost effective manner. 


Agile System Development & Web Applications

With our iVision 360 management processes, CNSI has refined the PMBOK processes that connect customers with the product at a much earlier point in the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), building greater trust and collaboration opportunity between the client and vendor.


Telecom Infrastructure & Information Exchanges

Our team offers a trusted, comprehensive and proven design, integration and installation service platform. Our management and support staff have extensive experience performing telecommunication and data system projects across a widely spread foreign geographical footprints. We hold active security clearances, are familiar with third world travel and diplomacy, day-to-day facility operations and sensitivity within the working environment. 

CNSI places tremendous emphasis on project planning, tracking and real time status reporting. We employ proven industry standard methodologies (PMI-PMP) and metrics to ensure the proper advance planning, accurate design, comprehensive bill of material (BOM) and a realistic production schedule is developed based on proper risk mitigation techniques. We deploy our teams with a complete inventory of proper tools, test equipment and monitors, and with quality, safety and security instructions. 

CNSI takes an active role in work planning and site coordination, to reduce any delays or disruptions to services and fully understands the importance and sensitivity associated with performing these types of services, offering the most reliable source for telecommunications integration, test and acceptance. 



Health Insurance & Information Exchange

CNSI’s eCams Connected Healthcare Services and eCams Benefit Systems provide the solutions that allow state health agencies to keep up with the latest regulations, so that health data can be shared across regions, providers, payers, public health agencies and with other stakeholders in the health care continuum.


Case Management

CNSI’s approach to case management is to bring together content, processes and people for improving the overall business process efficiency. With its health care domain expertise, CNSI brings out-of-the-box case templates and integration APIs that give access to both structured and unstructured information, provides alerts and reminders based on critical business events and enables businesses to streamline complex workflows. When intelligently combined with analytics and visualization tools, Case Management provides insights and actionable dashboards to help improve health outcomes when used for care-coordination and improve the overall recoveries when used in TPL and/or Program Integrity business areas.  


Program Integrity

With the shifting delivery landscape (more than 75 percent of beneficiaries in Managed Care by 2015), changing demographics (Medicaid expansion population) and ever increasing focus on value health care, the program integrity needs a shift from the traditional ways of identifying waste, abuse and fraud. CNSI’s comprehensive end-to-end approach to program integrity helps you gain new insights into your claims and encounter data and prevents inaccurate payments to be made in the first place. 

CNSI’s innovative solutions and services, which improve data quality (Provider Credentialing Service), predict and prevent wrong payments from leaving the door (Claims Sure), conduct powerful post-payment analytics (Audit Studio ++) and hold the ability to learn from these models and patterns, is the most comprehensive solution portfolio in the marketplace. CNSI also offers services to handle the business processes to verify claims and encounter data for accuracy, completeness and medical review.



Enterprise Mobility

CNSI believes that mobile technologies promise to transform health care by making access to vital information easier and, like other industries, disrupt the traditional business process such as that of production of eligibility cards. 

CNSI mobile application development is focused on reducing complexity by developing intuitive, context-aware mobile apps to simplify information access and thereby allow for innovation in health care delivery. 

Realizing the vision of an unwired information flow, CNSI with its understanding of health care data, its usage by different stakeholders, can help deliver secure, reliable and powerful mobile applications. CNSI offers design thinking, a secure mobile application framework to help implement mobile initiatives across the payer marketplace – quickly and cost-effectively. 



Identity & Access Management

CNSI specializes in aligning technology solutions and business needs to overcome the challenges of building innovative systems to exacting specifications. Increased security objectives, along with mandates and regulations, have made successful completion of Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects a high priority for many agencies.


Data Analytics

Leveraging our knowledge base of more than 1,000+ policy rules and mining more than 100 million transactions, CNSI has implemented proven predictive models to help recognize and fight improper payments before they get paid. A robust and powerful analytics package of solutions and services offers unique insights and provides visibility and trends that help payers identify and understand cost drivers to facilitate better decision-making.
With our deep domain understanding of health care data, CNSI has experience in implementing enterprise data warehouses, creating visualization enablement platforms, bringing innovation in form of fusion data sets (clinical and administrative) and facilitating action from insightful analytics. 
Our experience with guiding big data initiatives at an enterprise level to help identify real life business process improvements makes CNSI a solid partner in helping you in your health care analytics needs.


Solutions & Products

CNSI's enterprise solutions and IT products increase programmatic efficiency and drive business value. Not every company can say it changed an industry, but we can. Here are a few examples of how CNSI drives business value: