About iCare

At CNSI, we are driven by an innovative spirit that promises leadership in technology, a corporate culture focused on our employees, and a passion for giving back to those in the communities in which we serve. Our iCare program is comprised of five pillars-Our People, Environment, Governance & Ethics, Philanthropy & Volunteerism and Innovation. These pillars lay the foundation for our corporate social responsibility program, are built into the business’s DNA and are integrated into our day to day work across the company. Watch our video to learn more about our iCare program or download our 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report to see the impact and improvements we’ve made over the last year.


CNSI’s commitment to the individuals who make up the CNSI team starts when we recruit new members to our business and continues through their lifecycle at the company. We strive to not only be a great place to work but also an inclusive place to work for all employees.

Maya Chavez,
Vice President HR


What is employee satisfaction? It's nothing more than being satisfied as a person. Each employee brings with them a different set of values, perspectives and circumstances. So employee satisfaction really begins from the bottom up. As the program manager for iCare, it's important that I talk to people to find out what motivates them, keeps them engaged, and meets their personal and professional needs. At CNSI, we go beyond just compensation and benefits. It's really about creating an inclusive culture where people feel that they are valued and that they provide value.

Tabu DeLucco,
HR Specialist


Knowing that the company operates with integrity and with respect to diversity is critical component of what I do every day. Diversity goes far beyond the confines of HR. It's a value I found this entire company embraces-from the top down. CNSI is rich in ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds, which allows us to bring different ideas and solutions to the table, making us all stronger and richer. In keeping with our core values, CNSI fosters an environment in which individual is treated with respect, appreciation and dignity.

Missie Aulls,
Facilities Manager

Employee Safety

As CNSI's Facilities Manager, I am professionally and personally committed to ensuring the safety of all our employees, their families and the communities in which we work. My team, in partnership with many other departments, follows all safety and emergency regulations and procedures at both our facilities and client sites. But going beyond building regulations, we strive to create a culture and physical environment where employees, clients, vendors and visitors feel welcome, secured and part of the CNSI family.

Evelyn Barrenechea,
HR Specialist

Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is all about keeping our people happy and healthy. And this means different things to different people. For some it's about managing their weight, others it's having a healthy work-life balance or participating in team sport. And to some it may simply mean playing pool with colleagues at lunch. Whatever the definition, CNSI strives to understand and then develop programs, resources and opportunities that will contribute to each individual's well-being at the company.

Irving Kier III,
Learning & Development Manager

Learning and Development

CNSI is committed to establishing a culture of learning and professional development using both traditional and non-traditional methods of learning. As a result, we created the CNSI University which has three components, Onboarding (for new hires), Leadership Academy (for managers and aspiring leaders), and Grade-Level (role-specific development). As a company dedicated to driving innovation and excellence, I'm proud to manage the department that gives our employees the chance to grow, improve, and inspire!

Firdosh Bhathena,
Sr. Corporate Resource Operations Specialist


At CNSI, we take a holistic approach to recruiting the best and the brightest. We not only look at experience and skills-but also ways an applicant has demonstrated client service, quality and innovation. These are core values at CNSI, and it’s important we hire individuals who are not just looking for a paycheck but want to contribute to the company and our clients. We also value Diversity+Respect, which is why our recruitment goals include a focus on hiring Women in Technology and our honored Veterans.


Through iCare, we want our employees to truly make a difference through their work, together with colleagues, out in their communities, or to help create a greener, healthier world. CNSI made a commitment to enhance its sustainability practices, by focusing on these specific areas:

As a result, the company was awarded the Montgomery County Green Business Certification—a voluntary recognition program designed to encourage business and organizations to takes steps that reduce the ecological footprint.

Through comprehensive environmental policies, continuous improvement plan, outreach to staff through a newsletter and educational events, and collaborative work with outside organizations, CNSI has exemplified its dedication to improving the environment in which it serves. Our commitment is to demonstrate leadership and inspire other organizations to join us in being part of the environment solution. To learn more about the Green Business Certification, visit www.mcgreenbiz.org.


CNSI’s Ethics and Corporate Compliance Program aims to provide the tools, training and resources
for both managers and employees to foster healthy working relationships, communicate any concerns and consistently
achieve the absolute highest standards in everything that we do.

  • CNSI’s Ethics and Corporate Compliance Program is a robust enterprise-wide program that promotes and ensures ethical conduct, honesty and integrity throughout our business operations. It is built on the foundation of our seven core values-Quality, Integrity, Innovation, Community, Client Services, Employee Welfare, and Diversity and Respect. These core values and principals are shared with our employees, contractors and partners to produce a corporate culture of doing the right thing in the conduct of the company’s business-every day. As part of this program, CNSI provides its employees with communications, trainings, and resources to help both managers and employees understand our policies, foster positive relationships, and communicate any concerns-without fear of retaliation. A key resource is our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which is a written statement of ethical and compliance policies and principles. All CNSI employees and contractors are required to acknowledge the Code as well as take a compliance training based on the Code’s policies on an annual basis. Other year-round activities include periodic meetings of our Corporate Compliance Committee, monthly communications related to policy and industry trends, quarterly status updates to the Board of Directors, quarterly manager compliance brown bag sessions, and company participation and events during the National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week.

  • In dealing with current or potential suppliers and partners, CNSI is always candid and truthful about our requirements and capabilities. Leveraging online educational tools and internal communications, we educate our staff on responsible and ethical procurement, competitive, and contract management practices. CNSI sells and buys its services based on the principals of fair competition, quality, cost, availability, and reputation. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of collaboration and delivery-whether we are the buyer or provider.

  • CNSI’s corporate governance framework was built to encourage the efficient use, equal accessibility, and continuous process improvement of the company’s resources. Our stakeholders include employees, customers, partners, and the communities in which we work. We strive to serve their interests and needs by including these different groups in different business discussions. In addition, CNSI institutes layers of accountability and measurement to ensure all parties understand, work towards and track the same common goals.


Our approach to giving back to the communities in which we live and work is aligned to our core business strategy. We are globally minded and locally committed. We create positive social impact through comprehensive non-profit partnerships and active employee engagement efforts. We identify measurable outcomes for our social investments to help transform the lives of those most in need. And when we asked our employees what they cared most about, the response was-Education, Children and Hunger. As a result, we have focused our philanthropy and volunteerism efforts in these areas with ongoing support for disaster relief.



Inspiring future innovators and inspiring the interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through internship programs, technology competition sponsorships, and local volunteering.



Contributing to overall well-being, development, and health of children and young people all over the country.



Building strong partnerships, providing monthly volunteer opportunities and organizing special drives to fulfill the basic human need of nourishment.



At CNSI, we are mindful of the sacrifices made by military service members which have allowed us the freedoms in which we live today. Whether it is through participating in Veteran recruitment fairs, collecting donations for service men and women overseas or financially contributing to local Veteran organizations, we are proud to support those who have given their service to our country.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

This year’s efforts include Syrian Refugee Blanket and Coat Drive, Chennai Flooding Donation and Flint Michigan Water Donation.

Strategic Partners

We value and put effort into building and maintaining strong partnerships with organizations that serve the communities in which we work. Our current partners include:

Arbor Day Foundation
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank
Manna Food Center
MD Bio Foundation
Capital Area Food Bank
Fisher House
Global Giving
Good Life Centre
Greater Lansing Food Bank
Michigan Childrens Trust Fund
Michigan Autism Alliance
Miriams Kitchen
MoCo Coalition for the Homeless
Volunteers for America
NIH Childrens Inn
Stepping Stones Shelter
The Road Home
Thurston County Food Bank
  • 900

    Minutes of reading literacy with homeless children at Stepping Stones Shelter

  • 540

    Meals provided to underprivileged families of school children in Montgomery County

  • 180,000 +

    Pounds of healthy food distributed to Montgomery Counties neediest students and families

  • 10,000

    Gallons of clean drinking water delivered to residents in Flint, MI

  • 500

    Families in Chennai received relief efforts after devastating floods


CNSI is a company founded on innovation with a long-standing history of disrupting the technology market. But innovation goes far beyond widgets, gadgets and systems. It is simply the way in which we approach every business challenge, how we function as a company, and how we grow our workforce. With a focus on quality, partnerships and technology, CNSI can imagine and develop the solutions that will help our clients achieve their goals and improve performance.

  • Quality

    Innovation and quality are two core values here at CNSI. Studies show that employees are more innovative and committed to producing quality work when a company can demonstrate a clear purpose and has effective modes for communication and transparency. When our staff feels secure, safe, supported, and valued, innovation happens, quality work is delivered and everyone benefits-from the projects to the solutions to the clients.

  • Technology

    We are driven by an innovative spirit that we bring to every project we work on, challenging the status quo. We are passionate about continuous innovation and process improvement and using technology an enabling tool in helping clients accomplish their missions and improve business performance.