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CNSI Supports Long-Term Solutions To Flint Residents

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Since 2014, the residents of Flint, Michigan have been fighting a massive health crisis caused by high lead levels, which are especially harmful to children and pregnant women. President Obama and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency in Genesse County in January of 2016, which allowed FEMA to provide equipment and resources to the people affected. Shortly thereafter, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved the State of Michigan’s request to extend Medicaid coverage and services to Flint residents. As a result, approximately 15,000 additional children and pregnant women became eligible for Medicaid coverage and 30,000 current Medicaid beneficiaries in the area became eligible for expanded services under this new waiver agreement.

To help support, code and track the influx of Medicaid beneficiaries, CNSI worked with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Medicaid Program, CHAMPS, to build a solution that encompasses all the Flint waiver requirements. Using business, technical and operational knowledge of CHAMPS, the state now uses a newly created MAGI code that:
• Identifies Flint beneficiaries;
• Waives cost-sharing and premium expenses;
• Creates a new Targeted Case Management benefit plan; and
• Generates correspondence to all eligible beneficiaries.
The new MAGI account codes also allow for better tracking of Medicaid waiver expenses, case management benefits and copay information and locations where beneficiaries attested to lead-tainted water exposure.

In addition to deploying these system enhancements, CNSI also made a recent donation to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund. This foundation is focused on mitigating the impact of the Flint water crisis on children. Our donation of $25,000 will support their long-term initiatives to address health needs, provide education, and increase family, social and emotional support.

This donation is so critical, because it goes beyond the immediate attention generated by the crisis. The work of the Fund is focused on ensuring that critical health and well-being services are provided after the national headlines fade. Since the impacts of lead exposure are often long-term, so must the investments made to ensure that every Flint child is given the chance to be healthy and successful.

The monies donated will go to support crisis response, access to pediatric in-home care, nutrition education, healthy food access, and many other integrated social services.

About the Flint Fund
The Flint Child Health and Development Fund is focused on mitigating the impact of the Flint water crisis on children. This long term focus will provide immediate and long-term health needs, prove high quality education, and increase family, social and emotional support for the children of Flint and their families to ensure the children of Flint will thrive. CNSI has worked with the State of Michigan to develop a Flint Wavier Program to help track those in need. For more information, please visit