U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Census Bureau

CNSI’s core competencies include software development, maintenance services and data center support. We have brought about change and improved efficiencies for a number of our customers, including the U.S. Census Bureau. For the 2000 Census, CNSI staff optimized the performance of specific survey applications, reducing access times from 45 seconds to one second and 6.5 hours to 1.5 minutes. These achievements enabled the Bureau to complete its costliest operation, the Nonresponse Followup, in advance of the originally scheduled completion time, resulting in a cost savings of $200 million.

CNSI has supported the Bureau on several contracts within the last 17 years. Given our experience with eight different divisions within the Bureau, CNSI understands the Bureau’s processes, systems and organizations. The table below demonstrates a few of CNSI’s experiences within the Bureau.

Census 2000

Designed, developed and implemented OCS2000 and ACE2000,  and managed data capture sites (DCS2000)

Census 2010

Supported NRFU and Coverage Measurement operations, Decennial Helpdesk

Technologies Management Office (TMO)

Provided operations and maintenance support of Survey systems – ROSCO, Laptop Case Management, MCS, CARMN, Dangerous Address Database, Audit Management System, Middleware and database support

Geography Division  (GEO)

Conducted a MAF/TIGER redesign requirements analysis, CMMI Level 3 support, As-Is EA, based on Zachman framework, business process models (UML), Logical Data Model, Physical Data Model, Technical Architecture/Inventory, stored in Metis
(now Troux)

ADIT CIO Center for Applied Technologies (CAT) Support

Provided technical support for proofs of concept; fostered collaboration across directorates in mobile computing, shared services, enterprise content management and data visualization; proofs of concept that have resulted in efficiencies
and cost savings