Commercial Health

Commercial Health

As a subcontractor to EDS, CNSI successfully transitioned the HUD Information Processing System (HIPS) and HUD data center environments, along with EDS computer center facilities from three locations in Washington, D.C., to a single national data center in Charleston, WV – meeting all 950 transition milestones without disruption of services by utilizing physical and logical moves. We played a vital role during transition and modernization activities and led the transition tasks, including discovery, rebooting, asset tracking and tagging, baselining, de-installation, packing, moving, staging, unpacking, reinstallation, re-baselining and testing of servers.

CNSI was the primary partner to EDS in designing, developing, deploying and now maintaining HUD’s single sign-on solution based on Sun LDAP, Oracle OID, Active Directory and CA SiteMinder. CNSI designed the HUD LDAP infrastructure, and currently maintains the entire single sign-on infrastructure. We ensured that the design entailed a disaster recovery of the LDAP and SiteMinder infrastructure because approximately 30 percent of the IT infrastructure and applications use the SiteMinder Access Manager to log in to the HUD infrastructure.

Furthermore, CNSI supports the HITS Tier I, II and III Help Desk, 14 hours a day (6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.), five days a week, excluding government holidays. It is the single point of contact for users requiring help, supports 18,000 users nationwide and has a first call resolution rate of 92.5 percent and a time to respond requirement of 23 seconds.

CNSI also:

  • Supports administering both Windows and Unix server environments. Some of the key responsibilities include imaging new servers; patching; server administration; Active Directory; and internal and external DNS management.
  • Provides Middleware Administration and Support, managing variety of middleware applications, including Oracle application suite with portal and OID; Oracle data warehousing; Sun Java Application server suite; Crystal Reports; and Cognos data mining.
  • Provides storage services, managing approximately 200 TB of SAN storage for HUD environment