#StateHIT is This Week!

The tenth annual Healthcare IT Connect Summit kicks off tomorrow in Baltimore. Leaders from across the State Medicaid industry will be joining together to discuss interoperability, Medicaid modernization, data privacy, security along with looking at emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in the Medicaid space.

At CNSI, we are proud to bring together leaders from the State of Michigan, Washington and Utah to discuss their definitions, approaches, and lessons learned from implementing a modular Medicaid system. We look forward to a lively discussion at the session: “Perspectives on How States are Navigating the Lifecycle of Modular Modernization” on Wednesday at 10 AM.  Ryan Howells, health IT thought leader and Principal at Leavitt Partners, will lead this interactive conversation.

If you’d like to follow the panel but won’t be at HIT in person register here for complimentary live video streaming.  We plan on sharing our top takeaways from the session shortly after so check back in on Thursday for more updates.