Next Generation Modular Healthcare Platform

Modernization. Adaptation. Collaboration

evoBrix XTM is a comprehensive set of fully integrated functional modules built on a highly scalable technical architecture that is rules-driven, service-oriented, web-based and COTS-integrated.

The evoBrix XTM solution is the market-leading, modular, enterprise platform offering a comprehensive suite of modules such as auto-adjudication of claims, consumer engagement, program integrity, compliance tracking and provider management. This Federally compliant, CMS-certified system provides an assurance of security and privacy and is fully configurable and scalable. Ripe for establishing public-private partnerships that save taxpayer dollars,
evoBrix XTM encapsulates top CIO priorities for modernization and IT governance in a single healthcare platform.


Cost reduction in CMS federal match-funding contribution


Cost reduction in system implementation


Cost reduction in operational costs over a 5-year period

Align Your System

evoBrix XTM is a comprehensive set of fully integrated functional modules built on a highly-scalable technical architecture that is rules-driven, service-oriented, interoperable, and web-based. These modules can be implemented separately or in combination to support an agency’s need for integrated functionality. Click below to learn about the CNSI solutions that support each module.

Case Study:

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

State health care systems across the country employ outdated state mechanized claims processing and information retrieval systems, known as Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS). Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) was no different.

Learn more about CNSI’s solution here.

Core Claims and Managed Care

CNSI’s Core Claims and Managed Care module is a fully services-oriented module designed specifically to meet the volume and performance requirements of large-scale claims processing applications.

Provider Management Information System

A Provider Management Information system helps address the State’s needs across the lifecycle of a Provider – from Enrollment to Performance Tracking. CNSI’s PMIS covers each of these aspects through proprietary solutions, including SiteVisit Pro.

Consumer Engagement Module

Today’s healthcare technology must be equipped with consumer engagement channels so that consumers feel more empowered with regard to their healthcare information and decisions. CNSI’s Consumer Engagement product suite accomplishes this via our Web Portal and Mobile App, myHealthButton.

Eligibility Module

As laid out in MITA 3.0, Medicaid Eligibility systems should now be viewed as an integral part of the MMIS ecosystem. CNSI’s eMEDS, provides the end-to-end functionality needed to facilitate the Medicaid Eligibility process.

Contract Management Module

Given the size and complexity of Managed Care contracts, States would benefit immensely from an automated tool that tracks the performance of Health plans against Contract compliance. CNSI’s MC-Track accomplishes this function by combining multiple components.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Module

Making value-based reimbursement profitable is an enormous task, and CNSI’s eMIPP helps in this regard. It is a modular solution to manage the Electronic Health Records Medicaid Incentive Payment Program. It offers a comprehensive and configurable solution to measure and demonstrate the HER superior outcomes as outlined by CMS.

Analytics Module

The Medicaid Enterprise has a mind-boggling volume of data that can be mined to generate deep insights. CNSI’s Medicaid Analytics Module, HealthBeat, is a robust framework to extract, analyze and report data from diverse business processes.

Add-on Module

Several adaptors and connectors—not related to core MMIS functionality—add immense value to the Medicaid Enterprise by providing commonly required capabilities that facilitate business operations. Click on the demo link below to learn more about our Add-on Modules.