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Aging Tech

No, this is not a blog about how your computer or smart phone stops working three years after you purchase it. Rather, it’s about how […]

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Wanted: Health Care Security Pros

Technology is changing our world at an extraordinary rate. In no place is that more evident than in the health care sphere. From wearable technology […]

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Technology that Improves CMS Provider Screening Requirements

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) delivers an incredible service to millions of Americans: quality, affordable health care. That service is subsidizes by all […]

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EHR Obstacles

The New York Times exposed an interesting issue that should be troubling the health IT industry. The article, published May 26, explains how competition in […]

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Home Health Tech Hits its Stride

We’ve long had the capabilities – through smartphones and other devices – to monitor health at home. For one reason or another, however, that hasn’t […]

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The Health Tech Productivity Paradox

At CNSI, we are incredibly proud of the products and solutions we create to solve some of the nation’s most difficult health technology issues. Which […]

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Brick-and-Mortar eHealth Help

CNSI has talked repeatedly about the eHealth revolution. There are apps, products, processes and solutions in progress to address every imaginable health care need, and […]

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The Rise of Wearable Health Technology

The past few years have seen the rise of what is called “wearable tech.” Hi-tech wristbands, watches and other devices that can track personal health […]

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IT Security Remains Top Priority

The Department of Health and Human Services recently revealed that was compromised when a hacker broke into the health insurance marketplace and uploaded malicious […]

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As Health IT Advances, So Must Standards of Technical Excellence

The public is often better served when innovation and technology operate within commonly recognized criterions and levels of excellence.

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