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CNSI Joins HMA for Medicaid Managed Care Webinar on MC-Track®

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recent release of the proposed Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Final Rule is a direct response to […]

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M.D’s Partner with Health IT for Better Outcomes

A recent investigation by innovation-centric magazine, Fast Company, found an interesting trend in the health IT world: many doctors are moonlighting as advisors to health […]

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CNSI: Meeting the G2Xchange Fed Health Challenge

Earlier this year, CNSI participated in the G2Xchange Federal Health IT Challenge for our White Paper on Improving Claims Processing Efficiencies. As a finalist in […]

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Demystifying Big Data: The Three Legged Stool of Health Data

We live in a period of rapid change for healthcare information technology, with recent stats showing that the market is up 25% since 2012, and […]

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Five Things You Need to Know about CMS’ New CPC+ Initiative

This week, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) unveiled an initiative called Comprehensive Primary Care Plus, or CPC+. The aim of CPC+, which […]

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Connecting Health and Care: The Next Phase of Interoperability

Interoperability is the current buzzword for our nation’s health IT industry, and for a good reason. Interoperability–true interoperability–is the future of health care. If information […]

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The Non-Obvious Way to Inspire Innovation

CNSI recently celebrated its annual conference, kicking it off with the four Partners talking about strategic growth, financials, key initiatives, and opportunities to innovate. With […]

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Innovating in Iowa

This year, Des Moines, Iowa offered more than butter sculptures and 2016 presidential candidates; the city also hosted the 2015 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC). […]

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Cloudy Days in Iowa But Sunny Skies in Michigan

It was raining most of Tuesday in Des Moines, Iowa. The clouds may have put a damper on attendees for the World’s Largest State Fair, […]

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Cloud Computing 201: The Health Cloud

In our last post, we brought you a basic look at how cloud computing works, what the terms mean and how CNSI is involved. This […]

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