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HIT: A Summit to Showcase An Opioid Epidemic Tool

Good afternoon Baltimore! Here we are again for our third year at the Healthcare IT Connect Summit. With each conference, our ability to reconnect with […]

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Health IT Safety: A Priority for Patients

Patient first. It’s a message we’ve talked about on the CNSI blog before (and something CMS is certainly making a priority). But we aren’t the […]

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Medicaid: The Stories Behind the Systems

In the world of Health IT, we tend to focus on technical terms like big data, modular and interoperability. However, behind each of our systems […]

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Millennials Seek Inter-connectivity, Even in Health Care

Millennials are now the country’s largest demographic cohort, having recently overtaken the Baby Boomers. Ranging from about 20 years old to 35 years old, this […]

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Big Data: Powering Longer, Better Lives

Here at CNSI, we see day-in and day-out how innovation in healthcare can improve the lives of millions of Americans. That’s why it came as […]

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Big Data. SaaS. Innovation. A Few of Our Favorite Buzzwords.

The term Big Data has been a buzz word in the health IT world for a few years, along with Cloud Computing, Interoperability, and IoT. […]

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Telemedicine: The Future of Rural Healthcare

If you live in an urban area, you probably never had an issue accessing health care. Your doctor is likely located less than a half […]

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HiMSS 2017: Tackling the Challenges Ahead

This year’s HIMSS conference came at an interesting inflection point in the health care world. A new Administration started just a few weeks before the […]

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Big Data, Big Impact: For Americans and Vets

There is probably no other industry that uses big data more than healthcare. In this business, data and numbers can literally mean life or death. […]

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MdBio ATLAS: What is Your Legacy?

Earlier this week, CNSI participated in the MdBio Foundation Fall ATLAS event. Just like an atlas is a composite of maps to help a person […]

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