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The “Can’t Miss List” of HiMSS 2018

This year’s HIMSS conference is right around the corner. We are thrilled to join the other 45,000+ of our industry peers to discuss emerging trends […]

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Medicaid: The Stories Behind the Systems

In the world of Health IT, we tend to focus on technical terms like big data, modular and interoperability. However, behind each of our systems […]

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CNSI’s Latest Win: What It Means

CNSI recently announced our latest contract win, a 4.5 year, $35 million project to engineer the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Encounter Data Processing […]

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Big Data, Big Impact: For Americans and Vets

There is probably no other industry that uses big data more than healthcare. In this business, data and numbers can literally mean life or death. […]

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CNSI Supports Long-Term Solutions To Flint Residents

Before the holidays, CNSI talked about the top tech gifts. With 2017 now here, everyone is already looking for the next big thing. According to […]

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Getting From Here to There: NGA’s Health Info Roadmap

For those in the business of health care, we live our lives by the popular mantra of “Better Care. Better Health. Lower Costs.” Six simple […]

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CNSI Connects with Women in Technology

Last week, CNSI exhibited at the Women in Technology (WIT) Fall Job Fair, where DC-area companies had the chance to connect, attract and recruit the […]

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National Health IT Week: Expanding the Value of Health IT

National Health IT Week (NHIT). Five days dedicated to the technologies, partnerships and innovations that contribute to the overall health for American citizens. It’s been […]

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Reuse and the Powerful Potential of MMIS Partnerships

  State Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) process claims for over 70 million Medicaid beneficiaries a year across all 50 states. The complexity of the […]

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Health IT that’s been around the Blockchain

New interoperable healthcare technologies are transforming health data into something like a new form of currency. It is no surprise then that health IT is […]

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