IAM Conceptual Architecture

An enterprise-wide Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution encompasses all facets of an organization. The IAM solution is the intermediary that ties an agency’s people, policies, and rules to its applications, systems, and access rights. It also enables external entities, such as contract employees, vendors and customers, to access the organization’s IT systems.

Security policies of an agency, as well as Federal laws and mandates, drive the implementation of the workflow and automated provisioning functions that are the backbone of the IAM solution. These functions:

  • Track an individual’s identity and ensure that the identity is being used properly throughout the enterprise.
  • Tie authentication and authorization to the individual’s identity.
  • Allow business rules to be enforced, audited, and reported.
  • Connect individual applications and systems to the IAM solution to consolidate identities.
  • Centralize and tie access rules to an identity to ensure compliance with Federal and agency polices for access to data.
  • Use the PIV card as an identity token allowing a user to securely access his/her allowed data and IT resources.
  • Tie the agency to the Federal PKI Bridge allowing identities to be shared across agencies, further enhancing identity assurance.


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