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CNSI expands footprint at the U.S. Census Bureau with a contract award for Program Support to the CTO
By: CNSI 12/12/2011

GAITHERSBURG, MD. - CNSI announced today that it recently won a contract from the U.S. Census Bureau to provide Program Support to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in establishing and supporting several Centers of Excellence within the Center for Applied Technology (CAT) at the Bureau.

"As the agency closes out the 2010 census tasks and prepares to support a decade of surveys and censuses leading up to the 2020 decennial, it is looking at leveraging the Centers of Excellence to institute key reforms as identified by Dr. Groves, the Bureau Director," said Dr. Vivek Gore, CNSI's senior vice president who manages the project at the Bureau's headquarters in Washington, DC. CNSI first began work at the Bureau in 1997 providing systems development and decennial operations support for the 2000 census.

Based on the knowledge gained regarding the agency's operations and IT infrastructure, CNSI won another task order (T2-0015) in 2006 to provide software development and support for the Technology Management Office at the Bureau in addition to supporting operations for the 2010 census. "That task order supported systems development and operations & maintenance for the Regional Office Survey Control (ROSCO) system," Dr. Gore said. "This task order came up for re-bid earlier this year and CNSI was awarded a renewal." With CNSI's tenure and experience within the Bureau, Dr. Gore is now heading up the team of systems architects, software engineers and systems engineers who will deliver the program support required for establishing these Centers of Excellence for the CTO. The Centers of Excellence include: Data Management; Enterprise Content Management; Mobile Computing (devices and apps); Business Process Modeling; Analytics and Data Visualization; and Enterprise Services.

"With CNSI's breadth of proven experience in a wide range of IT processes and products, we are confident in helping the Bureau ramp up quickly on the many emerging technologies that are integral to business today," Dr. Gore said. "Our CTO Innovations Program Support will include deliverables for enterprise architecture alignment and standards development, concept exploration, technology and business assessment, and project support." CNSI is a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions that improve process efficiencies and streamline operations. CNSI helps align IT with client missions and objectives. Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md., CNSI has offices throughout the U.S., and has established a strong domain expertise and presence in a variety of industries including defense, energy, financial services, healthcare, Homeland Security/law enforcement and transportation. For more information, visit


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