About CNSI

CNSI delivers a broad portfolio of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to a diverse base of federal, state and local government agencies, and commercial enterprises. CNSI helps clients improve business performance and align IT with their mission and business objectives.

The company has established presence and strong domain expertise in prominent industries, including Defense, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Homeland Security/Law Enforcement and Transportation. CNSI employs a world-class team of technologists, program managers, subject matter experts and other professionals, all of whom have experience with large scale mission-critical IT implementations.

Formed in 1994, CNSI is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, with locations throughout the U.S. With an R&D Center of Excellence also based at its headquarters location, CNSI also has a research and development center in Chennai, India.

Mission - Why We Are Here

To deliver high quality, innovative solutions that help clients accomplish their missions and improve business performance.

Values - What Drives Us

A winning team depends on a shared vision and a constancy of purpose. At the heart of CNSI is a belief system that embraces four core values and a set of corresponding actions. By living these values, we deliver on our promises to clients and help to ensure our continued success. CNSI employees deliver innovative, high quality, pragmatic cost-effective solutions that make a difference to clients. The values that drive us are:

  • Client Driven
    • We always do what is best for our clients
    • We ensure our clients' mission success by fully understanding their purpose, objectives and processes
    • We view clients as partners in creating value and achieving quality results
    • We operate with the highest standards of honesty, ethics and responsibility
    • We demonstrate unwavering loyalty, teamwork and perseverance during demanding times
  • Innovative
    • We champion creative ideas and thinking beyond normal parameters from within and outside of CNSI
    • We drive innovation and results by establishing a collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment amongst CNSI teams and with clients
    • We use technology as a strategic tool in helping clients accomplish their missions and improve business performance
    • We are passionate about continuous innovation and process improvement
    • We work with the latest technologies and remain vendor/technology agnostic, enabling us to provide a client with the right solution at the best value
  • Employee Centric
    • We treat people with respect and courtesy
    • We seek out the finest minds across a variety of disciplines and industries, regardless of culture, ethnicity, gender or age
    • We empower our people to get the job done, expect integrity and hard work in all we do, and think "we," not "I"
    • We recognize that happy and productive employees yield greater value and produce satisfied, loyal clients
    • We promote a positive, dynamic and challenging work environment
    • We encourage each individual to continually learn and grow; and seek personal mastery
    • We recognize and reward both individual and team achievements and contributions
    • We are committed to finding the right balance between our work and personal lives
  • Quality
    • We consistently demonstrate a willingness to take on big challenges and see them through
    • We're dedicated to bringing the right technologies, approach and team to clients
    • We go above and beyond client expectations to deliver the highest quality results and solutions
    • We are committed to personal excellence and self-improvement
    • We set high, measurable goals and hold ourselves accountable to achieve them
    • We strive to become the benchmark by outperforming the competition and challenging the status quo
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